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Welcome to the website for Jim Chialtas, L.Ac., and Laurel Acupuncture Clinic of Functional Medicine, located in San Diego.

Click on the tabs above to learn more about what Functional Medicine is, and about many of the health concerns I specialize in. Or scroll down for my blog. You might find it helpful to use the labels in the lower right column to find topics that interest you.

In addition to seeing clients privately in my clinic, I also offer many of the same services remotely to US residents. Please feel free to contact me to set up a consultation or appointment. Thank you!


FitLife Video: Is your Thyroid Making You Tired...?

A few months ago I was a guest on FitLifeTV discussing thyroid imbalance with my client, Drew. In this video we discuss thyroid diseases, their effects, and how I can test for the symptoms. I hope you find it informative!

Please contact me if you'd like to discuss your thyroid concerns.  Consultations and blood work can be arranged nationwide.  No need to be in the San Diego area!